Peru sends "The Gospel of the Flesh" to Academy Awards

Peruvian drama film will compete for a nomination as Best Foreign Language Film

Películas peruanas.

Películas peruanas.

19:26 | Lima, Sep. 11.

"The Gospel of the Flesh", written and directed by Eduardo Mendoza de Echave, has been chosen as Peru's official submission for the Oscars' Best Foreign-Language Film category.

The 110-minute drama film beat out other films including "El mudo" (Daniel Vega Vidal), "Perro guardián" (Bacha Caravedo and 'Chinón’ Higashionna), "Viaje a Tombuctú" (Rossana Díaz Costa) and "Viejos amigos "(Fernando Villarán), to be named Peru's official entry to the Oscars 2015.

Selecting the film was the task of a committee comprised of three members from the Direction of Audiovisual, Phonography and New Media (DAFO) at the Andean nation's Ministry of Culture. 

Starring Giovanni Ciccia, Jimena Lindo, Sebastián Monteghirfo and Aristóteles Picho, the film has won three awards at the 2014 edition of Lima International Film Festival and has been premiered at the Chicago Latino Film Festival in April this year.

The film is also scheduled to be screened at the New York Iberoamerican Film Festival, to be held from October 21-26.

It is worth mentioning that Peru has only been nominated to the Oscars Awards once with Claudia Llosa's Milk of Sorrow (La teta asustada) in 2009.

The Academy accepts one entry from each country in the category.The deadline for submissions for the foreign-language category is Oct. 1. The Oscar nominations are revealed Jan. 15, and the awards take place on Feb. 22 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.


Published: 9/11/2014
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