Peru remains 11th in latest FIFA ranking

13:28 | Lima, Feb. 15.

Peru's national soccer team retained its 11th spot (1128 points) in the latest monthly world ranking issued by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Currently, the Incas are ranked above Denmark (12th), Italy (14th), Croatia (15th), England (16th), Mexico (17th), Iceland (18th), Sweden (19th), Wales (20th) among others. 

Germany remains top of the ranking, followed by Brazil (2nd), Portugal (3rd), Argentina (4th), Belgium (5th), Spain (6th), Poland (7th), Switzerland (8th), France (9th), and Chile (10th).

Among South American teams, Peru ranks fourth behind Brazil (with 1484 points), Argentina (1348), and Chile (1153), but above Colombia (1095), Uruguay (924), Paraguay (812), Bolivia (674), Venezuela (656), and Ecuador (508).

According to FIFA, the next world ranking will be published on 15 March 2018. 
Ranking overview

Leader: Germany (unchanged)

Moves into top 10: None

Moves out of top 10: None

Matches played in total: 34

Most matches played: Libya, Nigeria (6 matches each)

Biggest move by points: Iceland (up 58 points)

Biggest move by ranks: Congo (up 8 ranks)

Biggest drop by points: Burkina Faso (down 143 points)

Biggest drop by ranks: Burkina Faso, Egypt (down 13 ranks each)

Newly ranked teams: None

Teams that are no longer ranked: None

Inactive teams, not ranked: None


Published: 2/15/2018