Peru recovers Paracas textiles from Sweden's museum

Ancient Paracas textile

Ancient Paracas textile

12:41 | Lima, oct. 21 (ANDINA).

Peru will receive a valuable collection of 2,500-year-old textiles belonging to the Paracas culture from the Sweden's city of Gothenburg, Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MRE) has reported.
This Paracas collection represents one of Peru's finest cultural inheritances and includes 89 textiles which form part of a funerary bundle made up of embroidered textiles alternated in layers of plain cloth.

According to the MRE, this initiative is a result of the recovery actions of cultural goods carried out by this sector along with the country's Culture Ministry.

These textiles were used as shrouds for wrapping the dead who, while seated in a basket, were then wrapped in further layers of textiles and placed in a tomb.

The natural colours of pure Alpaca yarn range from grey, white and beige to brown and black. The yarn was dyed and as a result of the Alpaca wool fibres absorbing dye better than cotton fibres, most of the coloured segments in the textiles are wool fibres.

The Paracas textiles are currently in the possession of Gothenburg City and will be delivered soon to the Peruvian government, while the Museum of World Culture are responsible for the care, preservation and availability of the collection.

After being informed of the decision taken by Gothenburg's authorities, Peru's Foreign Minister Eda Rivas hailed this important measure and stressed that it will culminate a long process of persistent efforts undertaken by the Peruvian government.

Likewise, the head of the Peruvian diplomacy, thanked the broad provision showed by the Swedish authorities and noted this action reflects the high level of relations of friendship and cooperation between Peru and Sweden.


Published: 10/21/2013
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