Peru: Qali Warma, nutrition model for other countries

Directora ejecutiva del Programa Qali Warma, María Isabel Jhong Guerrero, supervisó la entrega del desayuno escolar en los colegios de Tumbes.

12:17 | Lima, Aug. 31.

Qali Warma National School Food Program has become a model for the food industry, when it comes to offering appropriate nutritional standard products, which are healthy and innocuous, its Executive Director Monica Moreno affirmed.

She stressed that Qali Warma currently relies on over 300 engaged suppliers, who have adapted their products to quality standards required by the program, and also to delivering them on time for breakfasts.

"We create the menu to be offered to children. We have a team of nutritionists and engineers from the food industry […]," she stated.

In remarks to Andina news agency, the officer pointed out that arrangements in this field also are made with State-run institutions, such as the General Directorate of Environmental Health (Digesa), National Service for Agricultural Sanitation (Senasa) and National Service of Fisheries Health (Sanipes), in charge of verifying that food meets required standards.

Setting the example for other countries

On the other hand, Qali Warma's head pointed out that the program's co-management model has drawn interest from governments of countries, such as Mexico and Haiti, which seek to imitate it. This was proven at the 7th Latin American and Caribbean School Feeding Seminar, held in Lima last week.

In the meeting, Haitian Minister of Education, Nesmy Manigat; and General Director of National System for Integral Family Development of Mexico Federal District, Gustavo Gamaliel Martínez Pacheco seemed to be interested in the Peruvian government-run program to serve as model in their nations.


Published: 8/31/2015
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