Peru: Public investment execution recovers in 2017 after two-year decline

10:16 | Lima, Feb. 2.

Peru's public investment amounted to S/29.069 billion (about US$9.047 billion) in 2017, the Economy and Finance Ministry reported.

Such investment recorded a nominal growth of 7.1% from 2016, thus recovering after two consecutive years of contraction.

According to MEF, public investment rebounded to S/6.304 billion (about US$1.962 billion) in December 2017, compared to S/2.086 billion (around US$649.2 million) in the same month a year before.

By years

Public investment execution increased to S/31.608 billion (about US$9.837 billion) in 2014 but then decreased to S/30.609 billion (about US$9.526 billion) in 2015 and to S/27.205 billion (about US$8.467 billion) in 2016.

MEF has forecast growth of 17.5% (2018), 4% (2019), 4% (2020), and 3.5% (2021).

By sectors

Local governments led public investment execution in 2017 (S/12.805 billion; about US$3.985 billion), followed by the National Government (S/10.614 billion; US$3.303 billion) and regional governments (S/5.649 billion; US$1.758 billion).


Published: 2/2/2018
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