Peru: Prosecutor's Office raids homes in investigation over hiring of Richard Cisneros

Peruvian authorities raid Richard Cisneros

Peruvian authorities raid Richard Cisneros' home. Photo: TV capture

10:16 | Lima, Sep. 12.

The Prosecutor's Office raids eight properties linked to an investigation into alleged irregularities in the hiring of singer Richard Cisneros by the Culture Ministry between 2018 and 2020.

The measure —which was requested by Provincial Prosecutor Janny Sanchez— involves the homes of six investigated citizens —out of a total of fourteen. The operation is supported by eight prosecutors, the same number of computer experts and twenty four officers from the Peruvian National Police's High Complexity Investigations Division (Diviac).

Among the raided properties is that of Richard Cisneros as well as those of five Culture Ministry officials.

Likewise, the homes of witnesses Mirian Morales and Karem Roca, Secretary General and Administrative Assistant at the Presidency of the Republic, respectively, are raided.

All of them are investigated for the alleged crimes of aggravated collusion and alternatively incompatible negotiation to the detriment of the Peruvian State.

The operation —under the leadership of Deputy Prosecutor Yenny Huacchillo— aims to seize all assets and documents related to the case, as well as lift the secrecy of communications to analyze information, digital data, and social networks linked to it.

The investigation

According to the investigations, Culture Ministry officials favored Cisneros by hiring him for a total amount of S/175,400 (about US$53,151) through service orders that were allegedly approved without justification or experience, but with overvalued amounts and by recommendations.

The search request, authorized by the Judicial Branch, was made before the presentation of audio recordings at Congress last Thursday.


Published: 9/12/2020
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