Peru President's Europe trip to favor defense cooperation

LIMA,PERÚ.MARZO 08.Ministro de Defensa Jorge Nieto Montesinos,en ceremonia de reconocimiento a personal femenino de las Fuerzas Armadas en el "Dia Internacional de la Mujer".Foto:ANDINA/Héctor Vinces.

00:06 | Lima, Jun. 2.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's upcoming trip to France and Spain will help consolidate relations with both countries and further develop cooperation in terms of defense, Defense Minister Jorge Nieto projected on Thursday.


The government official highlighted bilateral ties with France, which manufactured Peru's first observation satellite PeruSAT-1.

"We have a wonderful relation with France, which we need to preserve and develop," Nieto told Andina news agency. 

In this sense, the Defense head assured the device, purchased through a government-to-government agreement in 2014, has been working since its launch last September. 

"This satellite allows us to produce 3D images that are fundamental for all sorts of planning," he indicated.


Nieto also stressed the relevance of Mr. Kuczynski's visit to Spain. In this respect, he referred to talks between his office and its Spanish counterpart to learn about Spain's Emergency Military Unit.
The high-ranking official explained Peru is interested in learning about the Unit's work to improve national Armed Forces' prevention and emergency response efforts. 


President Kuczynski will first visit Paris (France) on June 6 at the invitation of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the French Economy and Finance Ministry. 

The Head of State will then head to Madrid (Spain) on June 12 for an official visit to Spanish King Felipe VI and President of the Government Mariano Rajoy, among other high-ranking authorities. 


Published: 6/2/2017