Peru President: Medical cannabis law breaks myths and prejudices

Presidente Pedro Pablo Kuczynski promulga ley que autoriza el uso del cannabis para uso medicional.

13:24 | Lima, Nov. 16.

On Thursday, Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski enacted the law that regulates the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives. This legal measure breaks myths and prejudices in medicine.

Joined by Prime Minister Mercedes Araoz, Mr. Kuczynski affirmed the challenge now lies in properly regulating the law, a process in which he encouraged all stakeholders to take part.

"The Government is in charge of monitoring the effectiveness of this law. We are breaking a myth here, that is why I congratulate the promoters of this law: legislators [Alberto] de Belaunde, [Tania] Pariona and Gloria [Montenegro]," he said.

He also extended congratulations to the Parliament's Board of Directors for having backed the initiative.

"Peru is turning several pages on its way towards modernity, and this is one of them. This is an important page that breaks prejudices and myths. That is why we are glad to sign it," he stated.

Held at the Government Palace's Golden Hall, the ceremony featured members of Parliament who promoted the law, as well as mothers of children using medical cannabis for their treatment.


Published: 11/16/2017
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