Peru: President Martin Vizcarra pledges firm stance against corruption

13:31 | Lima, Mar. 23.

President Martin Vizcarra affirmed today his administration will not hesitate to combat corruption acts, thus stressing he will undertake his greatest efforts in the struggle against that scourge.

"We will be very firm in the fight against those actions that are at odds with the law, no matter where they come from, whatever it takes," the recently-named President expressed.

Vizcarra also noted his administration will be committed to denouncing any corrupt schemes working within any public sector organization.

Martin Alberto Vizcarra Cornejo on Friday was officially named President of the Republic of Peru for the 2018-2021 term.

The 55-year-old engineer —who replaces Ex-Head of State Pedro Pablo Kuczynski— was sworn in by Congress Chairman Luis Galarreta, who granted him the presidential sash.

The high-ranking government official arrived at Congress facilities at 1:00 PM (local time). 


Published: 3/23/2018
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