Peru: President leads Liberating Expedition Bicentennial ceremony

Photo: ANDINA/ Presidency of the Republic

12:49 | Huaura (Lima region), Nov. 27.

The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti led the commemoration ceremony for the Bicentennial of the Liberating Expedition in Huaura on Friday.

This year marks the Bicentennial of the landing of the Liberating Expedition led by General Jose de San Martin at Huacho Bay.

From a balcony located in the city's main square, San Martin launched a proclamation in favor of the Independence of Peru on November 27, 1820.

At today's event, the President was joined by Ministers Elizabeth Astete (Foreign Affairs) and Alejandro Neyra (Culture), as well as other authorities.

It must be noted that the Republic of Peru will celebrate its Independence Bicentennial on July 28, 2021.


Published: 11/27/2020
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