Peru President: Gov't working to deliver aid, relocate victims in Piura

ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

15:11 | Piura (Piura region), Mar. 28.

The Peruvian Government continues to work on assisting and helping families affected by recent floods in Piura region, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski affirmed on Tuesday.

"We are working on bringing aid to Piura so people can settle in a safe location," he said upon arrival in the northern territory.

In this sense, the Head of State underlined his administration focuses on providing victims with food and shelter.
"We have brought along experts from Sodexo [French food services management company], and we are also bringing people with experience in emergency management in Colombia," he informed.

Measures are currently aimed at supporting affected citizens. Damage assessment and reconstruction will take place later.  

Likewise, the statesman stressed citizens displaced by floods must leave such areas for good, as they are not safe there. 

Lastly, the 78-year-old praised the Armed Forces for their emergency response and relief efforts in the region.

"Today, we are all Peru, and Piura is an important part of Peru," he pointed out. 


He went on to say around 10,000 affected people will be relocated to safe shelters.

"Our priority now is to take nearly 10,000 people from Catacaos into a safe place. We need to build two to three additional shelters to that end," he said after a coordination meeting with ministers and local authorities.

"We need to know how long this will take, we don't know; shelters might have to house refugees for a month," the Head of State added.

On the other hand, he said the overflowing river's water level has dropped substantially over the past hours, going from 3,000 to 1,500 cubic meter per second.

"It seems like a good time to start a partial reconstruction and then proceed with the permanent one," he said.


Published: 3/28/2017
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