Peru: President Castillo denied permission to travel to Colombia

Photo: Congress of the Republic of Peru

Photo: Congress of the Republic of Peru

20:02 | Lima, Aug. 4.

During a plenary session on Thursday, Congress rejected the draft Legislative Resolution No. 2741 intended to authorize the President of the Republic Pedro Castillo to leave the country from August 6 to 8, 2022, in order to attend the activities related to the transfer of presidential power in Colombia.

After a long debate, 42 legislators voted in favor of authorizing the President's trip, 67 voted against, and 5 abstained.

Parliament is in charge of authorizing presidential trips to foreign countries, as provided in articles 102 and 113 of the Political Constitution of Peru, as well as in Article 76 of Congress' Regulations, and in Law No. 28344.

According to the official letter sent by President Castillo and Prime Minister Anibal Torres to Congress, the Peruvian President's visit to Colombia would strengthen the historical ties of brotherhood and cooperation with such neighboring country.

Additionally, his visit would give continuity to a bilateral work agenda aimed at identifying priority issues of common interest.

As is known, the inauguration of Colombia's President-elect Gustavo Petro will take place in the city of Bogota on August 7.


Published: 8/4/2022
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