Peru President calls on business community to unite against corruption

10:20 | Lima, Apr. 20.

President Martin Vizcarra addressed Peruvian entrepreneurs, urging them to join forces in favor of the country's progress but to stand against corruption and inequality.

His remarks were made Thursday at a ceremony marking the 130th anniversary of Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL).

During his speech, he remarked that fight against corruption is essential as this scourge constitutes an enemy of development.

Noting that the circumstances have led people to become aware of the need to combat such crime, he recalled there was an agreement on the matter among participating countries at the 8th Summit of the Americas held April 13-14 in Lima, Peru.

"Now, we realize we share the same commitment with entrepreneurs. This is significant because the population has recently realized this is a problem we all must address," Vizcarra stated.

Similarly, he reaffirmed the Government's intention to work against corruption, and proof of that is the fact that the Anticorruption Commission is now part of the Executive structure.

The statesman insisted that a crusade against corruption is required —one that involves the State, business people, and the population. 

Plus, he anticipated that part of the specific measures to be taken by his administration will be presented to Parliament on May 2 by Prime Minister Cesar Villanueva.

Leading the country into progress and development will be made possible with the support of the business class and the society as a whole, he concluded.


Published: 4/20/2018
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