Peru: Pre-Hispanic burial found near urban area in Chimbote

09:02 | Chimbote (Ancash region), Feb. 4.

A pre-Hispanic burial belonging to the Chimu Culture was discovered on Wednesday by workers who carried out domestic gas connection works very close to an urban area in the city of Chimbote in Ancash region.

The skeletal remains belonged to an individual, who was found in a flexed ventral ulna position along with three vessels, the head of the Decentralized Culture Directorate (DDC) of Chimbote, Juan Lopez Marchena, explained.

"Following the studies and analyses, we will be able to know part of the pre-Hispanic history of the people at that time, the gender of the individual, the diet, the occupation, as well as information about the vessels associated with the find," he told Andina news agency.

According to Lopez, the vessels were apparently destined for domestic use and —on the inside— there was evidence of the presence of piruros, which the Chimu women used to spin wool.

"The vessels feature characteristic circles of the Chimu Culture, which settled mainly in Casma," he mentioned.

Rich and millenary peoples

The discovery occurred in the shanty town of Bolivar. Before that —also while gas installation works were being carried out— a burial of the Moche Culture was found in the shanty town of San Pedro. 

These discoveries are important for this reason, he said, because "we are building a cultural sequence."

"Two finds have been reported, and they are very important because they indicate how rich and millenary different peoples in Chimbote can be," he stressed.

The remains will be taken to the Max Uhle Museum, located in the city of Casma. They will be analyzed, and the results will be significant for the investigation on pre-Hispanic Peru.


Published: 2/4/2021
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