Peru: PP 15.29%, PM 11.51%, FREPAP 9.64% in 2020 parliamentary elections (at 99.42%)

09:59 | Lima, Jan. 30.

According to the official results provided by the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), with 99.42% of the ballots counted, Podemos Peru obtained 15.29% of votes, followed by Partido Morado (11.51%), and FREPAP (9.64%).

These votes were cast by Lima and Peruvian citizens residing overseas during the 2020 extraordinary parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Accion Popular received 9.38%, followed by Fuerza Popular (8.04%), Frente Amplio (5.70%), Partido Popular Cristiano-PPC (5.57%), Juntos por el Peru (4.91%), Somos Peru (4.75%), Alianza Para el Progreso (3.51%), Union Por el Peru (3.27%), Peru Patria Segura (3.17%), Partido Aprista Peruano-APRA (2.58%).

Democracia Directa obtained 2.12%, followed by Avanza Pais (2.05%), Peru Libre (2.03%), Solidaridad Nacional (1.57%), Peru Nacion (1.54%), Vamos Peru (1.33%), Contigo (1.06%), and Renacimiento Unido Nacional (0.97%).

In the case of Lima, candidates competed for 36 seats in Congress.

The parliamentary elections saw 21 political parties partake in the process.

24,799,384 Peruvian citizens were eligible to participate in the process to elect the 130 legislators who will serve the remaining period of the 2016-2021 legislative tenure, following the constitutional dissolution of Congress.

Out of the total eligible voters, 23,825,154 live in Peru and 974,239 reside abroad, of which 650,010 are in the Americas, 281,640 in Europa, 36,288 in Asia, 5,980 in Oceania, and 321 in Africa.

The extraordinary parliamentary elections see 21 political parties partake in the process.


Published: 1/30/2020