Peru: Police destroy illegal mining camp at Huascaran National Park

11:04 | Carhuaz (Ancash region), Jun. 10.

Police officers conducted an operation against illegal mining in the so-called area of Santa Ana, located in Marcara district of Carhuaz Province, within the Huascaran National Park in Ancash region.

The operation destroyed an alleged mining camp covering an area of 250 square meters.

The police found nine recently destroyed wooden modules. Plus, a nearly 500-meter-depth pithead was found nearby with 50 mattresses, 20 bunk beds, 100 blankets, mining tools (such as hoes, wheelbarrows, and three mine trolleys) polyethylene pipes, among others.

Everything was burned in the presence of the deputy prosecutor at Huaraz Special Prosecutor's Environmental Office.

In addition, authorities explored the surrounding area looking for those responsible, but could not find them.

The operation was witnessed by Carlos Brito Cordero, mining technical area representative at the Ancash Regional Directorate for Energy and Mines; Laura Lucia Huaman Negreiros, natural resources management specialist at the Huascaran National Park; as well as Isidro Gonzales de Paz, the park's forest ranger.

Also attending were 12 members of the Vicos peasant community, who reported the illegal operation of the mine.


Published: 6/10/2019
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