Peru PM: Gov't confident TPP, essential step towards economic progress

ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

20:01 | Lima, Oct. 14.

The government of Peru is sure that the fundamental step, towards reaching economic progress, was made thanks to the TPP agreement consolidation which must be ratified by Congress, Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano affirmed.

In remarks to the press at the Council of Ministers headquarters, he noted government has simultaneously incorporated five new agreements through the TPP.

He went on to add TPP is the world’s largest trade agreement, which accounts for 40% of global GDP and gathers economies, such as the US, Japan and Canada, among others.

“In this framework, Peru joins a market, which opens a series of potentialities for the economic activity we have been conducting […] the way to an open economy,” he added.


Published: 10/14/2015