Peru: Pachacamac Site Museum inaugurated

Museo de Pachacamac

Museo de Pachacamac

19:35 | Lurin (Lima region), Feb. 15.

The Pachacamac Site Museum was inaugurated on Monday afternoon by the President of the Council of Ministers Pedro Cateriano along with Culture Minister Diana Alvarez-Calderon.

Prime Minister Cateriano stressed the importance given by the current administration to education and culture promotion in Peru.

“We always take into account the relevance of building a country with a bright future ahead and democracy above all; and democracy is also supported by education and culture,” he expressed during the opening ceremony.

The archaeological 1,000 square-meter modern compound features an exhibit hall based on a modern museographic concept.

The building was constructed according to the international standards while respecting the archaeological zone status.

It offers visitors the exhibition of a significant collection composed of at least 270 objects, including ceramics, textiles, wooden and metal items left by Pilgrims centuries ago. 

Such relics are displayed by relying on the best technology and a modern staging system. The Pachacamac Idol stands out as unique and emblematic piece of the museum.   

Likewise, the cultural center features a temporary exhibition room, which —on the occasion— displays a giant textile piece manufactured by farmer-knitters, native from the Lares district located in Cusco region’s Canchis province.

The project entailed an investment worth S/.11.3 million (about US$3.30 million).

The ceremony took place at the said Archeological Sanctuary, located in Lurin Valley, Lima region.


Published: 2/15/2016
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