Peru: National Marinera Contest 2017 comes to an end

ANDINA/Dante Zegarra.

15:22 | Trujillo (La Libertad region), Jan. 30.

Amid happiness, rhythm and colors, the 57th National Marinera Contest took place in Peru's northern city of Trujillo last weekend.

The event was held at the Gran Chimu Coliseum on January 26-29.

Organized by Club Libertad, the competition hosted national and foreign Marinera dancers. 

Contestants Monica Grados and Guillermo Suarez became champions in the adult category, deemed as the most important in competition.

Said couple amazed spectators with a remarkable performance, which combined flirting, courtship and strength. 

Thanks to the wonderful presentation, Grados and Suarez won the Chabuca Granda Award, named in honor of the former and well-known Peruvian Creole music singer.

It must be noted the contest finals featured 300 couples on its last day of competition. 


Marinera is a graceful and romantic couple's dance that uses handkerchiefs as props. The coastal genre is an elegant and stylized reenactment of a courtship, and it shows a blend of the different cultures of Peru. The dance has gained a lot of recognition and is one of Peru's most popular traditional dances.


Published: 1/30/2017