Peru: Must-visit tourist attractions in San Ramon

19:17 | Junin (Junin region), Aug. 31.

San Ramon, also known as the Golden Gate of the Central Jungle, offers numerous tourist attractions, such as beautiful natural landscapes full of biodiversity, delicious gastronomy, and a friendly population.

Located six hours away from Lima, by car, San Ramon is one of the six districts of Chanchamayo province in Junin region. 
Every August 31, locals carry out festivities in honor of their patron saint, St. Raymond Nonnatus (San Ramon Nonato). 

Said place is located in the upper rainforest ecoregion at an altitude of 820 meters above sea level. 

Thanks to this, the area enjoys a tropical weather (hot, humid and rainy), and its temperature fluctuates between 14° C and 31° C. Rainy season starts in December and ends in March. 

Tourist attractions 

Agua Flor-Puente Pan de Azucar Route 

On the route to San Ramon district, visitors can appreciate the area's flora and fauna, including orchids and the Andean cock-of-the-rock, waterfalls, and vestiges of the early colonizers who came to the place. 

Pampa Hermosa 

This national sanctuary is located 24 km from San Ramon city. This forest is home to an ancient giant cedar called "the grandfather."

Tirol Waterfall 

At around noon, the sunlight combines with the water cascading down from 35 meters high forming a beautiful rainbow. This waterfall is 3 km from the city. 


San Ramon district offers numerous traditional dishes, including doncella frita (a fried river fish served with fried or roasted cassava and salad), tacacho (fried and mashed bananas) with jerky, chicharron de carne de sajino (collared peccary cracklings), and venison steak. 


Published: 8/31/2018