Peru: Mining investment to reach US$15 bn over next three years

Las Bambas

Las Bambas

10:02 | Lima, Apr. 27.

Economy and Finance Minister David Tuesta projected mining investment will total US$15 billion in the next three years, which will positively impact on the country's economic performance.

"Mining investment is key (…) in general, there are several mining projects which are very likely to become successful, and around US$15 billion will be invested over the next three years," Tuesta noted.

According to the government official, mining investment must be protected, yet from a balanced approach. 

Once said investment begins to flow into the country, it will contribute an additional 0.3 percentage points to GDP.

"As an administration, we are working on a social license program that we have already started to implement in Apurimac region (…)," the Cabinet chief announced.

On the other hand, Tuesta highlighted the awarding of Cajamarca region-based Michiquillay copper project, as well as Moquegua region-based Quellaveco mine.

Minister Tuesta underlined the Peruvian Government is focused on awarding quality investment projects to be essentially well-implemented.


Published: 4/27/2018
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