Peru medalists become agents of change, reinforce country's identity

18:22 | Lima, Aug. 12.

Peruvian medalists of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games have become agents of change as they make their compatriots see sports in a different way, get more involved in sports, and care about other sports apart from soccer and volleyball.

According to Sports psychologist Christian Hungaro, this change is being reflected in the attitude of many people who have started to exercise more.

"Outside the Pan American Village (in Villa El Salvador district), people have begun to work out because they identify with the athletes," he noted.

He believes this is the first time Peruvians are aware of their capacity to hold an event of this magnitude and that, despite difficulties, the goal has been achieved. "I think this has been one of the most important examples."

Hungaro assured that there is an everyday life perception that people are interested —at least at first— in getting involved in competitive sports.

"I think people have never been given the opportunity to appreciate the complexity involving high performance (in sports). In Peru, sports are agents of change, and I hope this initial motivation will be maintained," the expert said.

Pan American Games

According to the psychologist, an important aspect has to do with athletes, many of whom have been able to exceed their result expectations.

"We cannot compare with countries like the United States, Cuba, or Brazil, for now, but our athletes had an outstanding participation and have demonstrated they are capable of doing great things," he remarked

"Something important is coming, I think, and I hope the spirit of fraternity and solidarity will be maintained."


Published: 8/12/2019
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