Peru leads the globe in Superfoods production



00:00 | Berlin (Germany), Feb. 9.

Peru's various strengths and unique characteristics place it at the forefront of superfoods production worldwide, the Andean country's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) affirmed.

"Peru enjoys a privileged status as leading global superfood producer thanks to its biodiversity, export capacity, as well as traceability and innovation through sustainable, transparent process chains," it said.

PromPeru on Wednesday launched the "Superfoods Peru" campaign, a public-private initiative to further advertise the quality, variety and benefits of the country's food offer.

The presentation took place in Berlin within the framework of Fruit Logistica 2017, the world’s leading food fair taking place on February 8-10.

In this sense, the "Superfoods Peru" brand proves a new advertising stage for Peru's nutrient-rich food offer in Europe.

Lifestyle trends

The promotion strategy takes into account the latest trends among customers and their concern for a healthier lifestyle.

Businesswise, superfoods continue to gain new adepts worldwide, as launching of new products soared by 202% in 2011-2015. 

Peruvian superfoods

The "Superfoods Peru" campaign will promote the following health boosters: quinoa, kiwicha, canihua, maca, yacon, chestnuts, carob tree, sacha inchi, Cusco's giant corn, purple corn, camu camu berries, cherimoya, soursop, lucuma, mangoes, grapes, tangerines and anchovies.

Well-known blueberries, asparagus, broccoli, avocados, pomegranates, cocoa and chocolates are also included. 

Peru's promotion activities at Fruit Logistica 2017 will include live performances such as cooking demonstrations by Palmiro Ocampo and Arlette Eulert, and Liberato Kani's hip-hop in Quechua. 

The Andean nation will also feature a touch screen advertising display with the country's agricultural exports information, as well as a giant arpillera (hand-sewn textile picture). 


Published: 2/9/2017