Peru: Lambayeque region to promote its gastronomy

Cebiche debe ser consumido en su país de origen: el Perú, señala publicación estadounidense.

Cebiche debe ser consumido en su país de origen: el Perú, señala publicación estadounidense.

13:35 | Chiclayo (Lambayeque region), Mar. 10.

Lambayeque Foreign Trade and Tourism Regional Management (Gercetur) seeks to position the region as northern Peru's leading gastronomic destination.

Gercetur Chair Rosario Julca Encomendero highlighted the region's major gastronomic potential, which adds to existing cultural attractions and natural gems like Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary and Chaparri conservation area, among others.

In this respect, Julca said the aim is to strengthen, promote and foster private initiatives such as the upcoming Ceviche, Typical Dishes and Seafood Festival. 

The event will be held on March 17-19 at Las Rocas II beach's El Bambu recreation center, located in Pimentel beach resort area.

The festival expects to delight some 6,000 visitors with seafood treats like ceviche, as well as traditional dishes: arroz con pato (Peruvian-styled rice with duck), chancho al palo (Peruvian-styled roasted pork), among others. Ceviche dishes will cost, on average, S/15 (about US$4.56).

The food fair will also feature presentations of artists dancing to the rhythm of Tondero, Marinera, as well as a Peruvian paso horse show.

On the other hand, festival coordinator Nino Onofre highlighted the role of the food-tourism cluster in spreading culture, local economic development and sustainable trade promotion practices. 

Likewise, Pimentel district municipality representative Pedro Carrasco referred to local beaches, which welcome around 100,000 on summer weekends. 

"We have an enormous tourist potential, but greater infrastructure is needed to offer visitors better services," he observed.

Carrasco also noted the said municipality supports private initiatives geared towards boosting tourist inflow. 


Published: 3/10/2017