Peru: Keiko Fujimori released from preventive detention

ANDINA/Eddy Ramos

21:02 | Lima, Nov. 29.

Former Congresswoman and ex-presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori left the women's prison facility in Lima's Chorrillos district on Friday night after being held in preventive detention for nearly 13 months over alleged money laundering offenses related to the corruption-tainted Brazilian company Odebrecht.

Her husband U.S.-born Mark Vito Villanella, lawyer Giuliana Loza, fellow party members and supporters —who were awaiting her release— greeted her once she came out to the street.

After having talked to reporters, she was taken home inside a vehicle.

Constitutional Court

Last Monday, the Constitutional Court (TC) decided to declare well-founded the habeas corpus submitted by Keiko Fujimori's relatives to annul the preventive detention imposed on her.

The decision was adopted during a plenary session held that day at the TC headquarters. 

The presentation on the habeas corpus in favor of Fuerza Popular party leader's freedom was in charge of TC Chairman Ernesto Blume.

TC members Ernesto Blume, Jose Luis Sardon, Augusto Ferrero Costa, and Carlos Ramos voted in favor of the habeas corpus. For their part, Eloy Espinosa-Saldaña, Manuel Miranda, and Marianella Ledesma voted against the petition.

This appeal was filed last July by Sachi Fujimori —sister of the former presidential candidate— with the purpose of annulling the preventive detention order.

In the habeas corpus, the relative sued the Second Criminal Court of National Appeals Chair Cesar Sahuanay, who ratified —in second instance— the preventive detention order against the former Congresswoman.

Preventive detention

Back then, the Judicial Branch declared well-founded the request made by the Prosecutor's Office to imprison Fujimori because of the danger of obstruction of justice that implied keeping her free.


Published: 11/29/2019
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