Peru: Keiko Fujimori reiterates request to debate proposals with Pedro Castillo

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

12:53 | Lima, Apr. 28.

Fuerza Popular presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori on Wednesday reiterated a request to her opponent, Peru Libre nominee Pedro Castillo, to participate in the debates that will be organized by the National Elections Board (JNE) prior to the runoff election.

"My final message is not to run away, Pedro," Fujimori said during a press conference held in Aguaytia.

"I hope you explain to the population what your plan is," she added.

The Fuerza Popular representative affirmed that "I am going to wait for him (Castillo) at the two debates of the JNE."

Fujimori is in rainforest Ucayali region visiting various towns. Before meeting with her followers in Aguaytia, she did the same in Campoverde district belonging to Coronel Portillo Province.

Likewise, the candidate defended the inclusion of former Congresswoman Carmen Lozada in Fuerza Popular government plan's team.

Furthermore, 45-year-old Fujimori affirmed that she "holds a master's degree in public management, plenty of experience, and has contributed to our plan" on the subject of social inclusion.

Moreover, she thanked the support expressed towards her candidacy by former presidential candidate Lourdes Flores.

Fujimori said she was confident that —in the following days— many other politicians "will join" that support, since "our call is open to everyone."

Concerning the statement by former Avanza Pais candidate Hernando de Soto —referring to the request for support abroad to ensure compliance with the government plans— Fujimori said she did not agree, as this would imply the interference of foreign organizations or persons in Peruvian affairs.


Published: 4/28/2021
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