Peru: Judiciary orders preliminary detention of former Garcia administration officials

11:36 | Lima, Apr. 17.

Peru's Judicial Branch had ordered preliminary detention of the recently deceased ex-President Alan Garcia and other eight people who have been included in the investigation on the alleged bribes paid by Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

Besides Garcia, the other accused include: 

-Ex-Transport and Communications Minister Enrique Cornejo (2008-2011). 

-Ex-Secretary-General of the Presidency Luis Nava (2006-2011)

-Jose Nava, son of Luis Nava and Don Reyna company manager. 

-Ex-high-ranking official of the APRA government Miguel Atala. 

-Samir Atala, son of Miguel Atala. 

-Ex-President of Lima's Autonomous Electric Train Authority (ATTE) Oswaldo Plascencia. 

-Ex-member of the Lima Metro Line 1 Stretch 2 Tender Committee Jorge Menacho. 

-Ex-Director of Provias Raul Torres. 

The Second Preparatory Investigation Court for Corruption Offenses Committed by Public Officials, led by Judge Juan Sanchez Balbuena, had authorized the order against Garcia and the other people under investigation. 

As is known, former President Alan Garcia shot himself after authorities arrived at his home on Wednesday morning with a 10-day preliminary detention order against him linked to the Odebrecht corruption case investigation.

He has died at age 69 at Lima-based Casimiro Ulloa Hospital.


Published: 4/17/2019