Peru Judiciary Chairman: Keiko Fujimori is not a political prisoner

10:55 | Lima, Jul. 12.

Peru's Judiciary Chairman Jose Luis Lecaros on Friday affirmed former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, who is currently serving 36-month preventive detention, is not a political prisoner.

In this sense, Lecaros stressed the resolution, which ordered the detention against Fujimori —over alleged money laundering offenses— was not politically influenced. 

Last Monday, Fuerza Popular —Fujimori's political party— announced its decision to report Fujimori's situation to the international community, as they consider her a "political prisoner."

Likewise, the Judiciary Chairman indicated the Supreme Court —at a public hearing— assessed the criteria to order preventive detention. 

He went on to add that after a second meeting —that could take place in the first days of August— the supreme magistrates' decision could be published after 15 days. 

Furthermore, Lecaros pointed out these accords will set a precedent in the assessment of preventive detention requests and must be respected by all Peruvian judges. 

Keiko Fujimori

The Judicial Branch declared well-founded the request made by the Prosecutor's Office to imprison Fujimori because of the danger of obstruction of justice that implied keeping her free.


Published: 7/12/2019
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