Peru: Inclusion and sustainability to be pillars of tourism

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

09:02 | Cancun (Mexico), Apr. 28.

Peru's Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Claudia Cornejo has participated virtually at the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit, which took place in the Mexican city of Cancun.

Cornejo's participation in this event is extremely important, as Peru is an important destination, due to its culture, history, tradition, diversity, and gastronomy.

In her speech, the minister noted that inclusion and sustainability will be the great pillars of Peru's tourism industry in the coming years.

Therefore, she said, it is important that the local population living close to tourist attractions immerses itself in tourist activities to benefit from them.
"It is not only about involving locals in some of the activities, but all citizens must immerse themselves in the industry, so that they can benefit from what it has to offer," the government official explained.

"This is the strategy that Peru has been developing, but it must be further strengthened. This strategy requires the commitment and participation of all sectors, both public and private," she added.

Tourism reactivation

During her participation at the Global Summit, Cornejo remarked that Peru has been working hard to reactivate the tourism sector, with the key participation of the public and private sectors.

She went on to say that a strategy is being implemented, referring to the "National Strategy to Reactivate the Tourism Sector."

"For many years, we have implemented work plans at the national level and meeting specific needs of each region. If we want to work in the development of tourism, public and private sectors must come together. We are currently working with various authorities on biosafety protocols to combat COVID-19," she concluded.

Remarks were made during the panel: "The Journey Ahead. The State View."


Published: 4/28/2021
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