Peru: Health Ministry launches strategy to bring COVID-19 vaccination closer to people

Photo: Minsa

Photo: Minsa

08:51 | Lima, Sep. 8.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) has launched the new vaccination strategy "Vamos a tu encuentro. Vacunate ya" (We will come to you. Get vaccinated now), which is aimed at bringing the COVID-19 vaccination closer to those who cannot go to immunization centers.

This event marks the beginning of the strengthening of the vaccination process because it will be closer to the target population, mainly to the most vulnerable.

The vaccinations will not only take place at markets, but at parks, sports fields, shopping centers, neighborhoods, health centers, stadiums, and remote areas.

Health Minister Hernando Cevallos stated that many people cannot go to urban vaccination sites and —for this reason— the Ministry of Health must go where they are to close gaps and keep lowering the age limit for age groups.

A total of 10 health teams have been placed at the wholesale market in Lima's Santa Anita district to immunize vendors, store assistants, and loaders, who cannot turn up to get vaccinated, because of their work schedule, which is mainly early in the morning.

Crossing rivers and mountains 

One of the aims of this new strategy is to catch the attention of the target population, for them to get the first or second dose of the vaccine.

"Our largest gap is found in rural regions. Then, we have to go to remote areas, to markets where people work, to neighborhoods whose elderly people cannot get around or lack the resources to do so, door to door, crossing rivers and mountains, so that the vaccine can reach the entire population," the minister said.

Cevallos noted that the disconnection of citizens from health care services is more pronounced in the interior of the country, hence the need to bring this population closer, for them to enjoy the benefits of public services.

Remarks were made on Tuesday, during the ceremony marking the launch of the above-mentioned strategy at the Great Wholesale Market of Lima in Santa Anita district.


Published: 9/8/2021
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