Peru has LatAm's largest mining reserves

Peruvian mining. Photo:ANDINA/Archive/Carlos Lezama

Peruvian mining. Photo:ANDINA/Archive/Carlos Lezama

18:36 | Lima, Oct. 2.

Peru is a mining country and the nation with the greatest mining reserves in Latin America, Energy and Mines Ministry (MEM) reported on Monday.

MEM went on to say the Inca nation boasts the six biggest mining reserves in the globe.

In addition to that, it holds the highest silver reserves in Latin America and the world.

The Andean nation also leads the Latin American ranking of silver, zinc and molybdenum reserves.

On the other hand, the second largest copper reserves in Latin America can be found within Peruvian borders. The country ranks third worldwide.

Employment generator

According to MEM, six to seven indirect jobs are created for each new mining job added.


Published: 10/2/2017
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