Peru: Gov't to promote new approach on relations between mining firms and population

13:34 | Lima, Nov. 24.

The Peruvian Government seeks to promote a new approach on the active and positive relationship between mining companies and populations in areas of influence, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) reported on Wednesday after ruling out the unilateral closure of mining operations.

In a statement on the dialogue held with the National Society of Mining, Oil, and Energy (SNMPE), the PCM explained that this approach aims to address the concerns of communities and environment protection.

"This approach is a new handling of social conflicts so as to provide a real and sustainable solution, generating social peace for a harmonious development of business activities, within the current legal framework," it emphasized.

Likewise, the PCM reiterated its absolute and unrestricted respect for fundamental rights, the current constitutional and legal framework and freedom of business, within a framework of stability and legal security, based on the principle of predictability for private investments and of improvement in social and environmental spheres.

"It is in this framework and in relation to the latest events that we rule out the closure and request for unilateral withdrawal of operations of mining units, which comply with the legal requirements and conditions established in the national and sectorial legislation, and which rely on the corresponding permits in force," it added.

The progressive final closure and post-closure plans, as well as their modifications —presented by the companies and approved by the competent authorities— are managed and controlled by the Peruvian State in accordance with current regulations, so that the cessation of activities is carried out within a sustainable environmental framework, the PCM mentioned.

"From the Executive Branch, we reiterate our firm rejection of violence in all its forms, wherever it comes from, but we also recognize the legitimate right to social protest," it concluded.


Published: 11/24/2021
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