Peru: Gov't awards posthumous Order of Merit to Maria Elena Moyano

ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

19:40 | Lima, Feb. 15.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Wednesday afternoon granted a posthumous award to former social leader and activist Afro-Peruvian citizen Maria Elena Moyano.

Moyano was a resident of peripheral and low-income Villa El Salvador district, where she served as deputy mayor.

She was known for efforts to bravely face Shining Path terrorist group and defend peace in her community, being the main reason why she was called "Mother Courage."

On February 15, 1992 terrorists killed 33-year-old Moyano in the presence of local Women's Federation colleagues. Her body was later blown up.

Today, Peru's top official stressed the leader's fight for the defense of her principles and "her stance against people who murder" other citizens.

"There are still people who kill, but thank God not for political reasons. [Today], we are joined by a small group of Malena's relatives and friends to remember her," he said.

According to the Head of State, posthumous tributes are sad events since such activities should take place while the honoree is still alive.

However, he went on to add it was now time to host such ceremony given that 25 years have passed since her death.

The Special Grand Cross Grade of the Order of Merit for Distinguished Service was received by Moyano's mother Eugenia Delgado Cabrera, who thanked the president for the homage in honor of her late daughter.


Published: 2/15/2017