Peru Gov't and private sector boost forest and aquaculture for growth to pick up

El Ministro de la Producción, Piero Ghezzi, inaugura el primer Centro Acuícola de Tilapia, promovida por el Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Pesquero (FONDEPES), en convenio con la Universidad Nacional de Piura.

20:15 | Lima, Aug. 13.

Forest and aquaculture sectors have become the new first engines for economic growth to pick up in the medium term.

Therefore, the Ministry of Production (Produce) and the private business are boosting both spheres, the head of the portfolio Piero Ghezzi affirmed.

A year has passed since the National Plan for Productive Diversification (PNDP) became effective. In this framework, Ghezzi announced both engines will “be joined” by the creative industries and the textile sector.

Likewise, the information technology (IT) branch will be invigorated, since it has an enormous potential for the economic take-off.

During a press conference, the head of the portfolio addressed the upcoming construction of 25 new Technological Innovation Centers (CITE) set to start in October. They will lead to developing clusters and regional production chains, he said.

Next year, five Industrial States will enter the construction phase, as well. One will be based in Lima (Ancon) and the remaining in other cities of the country.


Published: 8/13/2015