Peru: GDP continued to recover in Dec 2020

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

13:45 | Lima, Feb. 25.

The seasonally adjusted indices continued to recover in December 2020 after recording minimum levels (-40%) in April last year, the Central Reserve Bank has reported.

Thus, GDP and the seasonally adjusted non-primary GDP increased 2.1% and 1.1%, respectively, in December compared to the previous month.

For its part, the seasonally adjusted domestic demand increased by 3.3%. 

During the analyzed month, primary GDP showed a recovery of 5.1%, mainly due to higher fishing activity.

Likewise, non-primary GDP maintains moderation in its fall due to the dynamism of the self-construction sector, as well as the recovery of commerce and services sectors.


Published: 2/25/2021
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