Peru: Foreign arrivals up 7.9% in first eight months

Turistas extranjeros en Perú.

Turistas extranjeros en Perú.

11:16 | Lima, Oct. 17.

Peru welcomed about 2.31 million foreign visitors in the first eight months of the year, a year-on-year increase of 7.9%, according to the National Migration Superintendent's Office, Peru Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Magali Silva informed.

Ecuador — Peru’s third largest source of tourists — beat its monthly visitor record after 37,186 tourists from that neighboring nation came in August, which led to a cumulative total of 166,766 stay-over visitors in the January-August period.

Colombia ranks fifth in terms of number of foreign tourists arriving in Peru. Colombian arrivals increased to 12,026, a 12.4% rise on the same period a year earlier.

Chile was Peru's most important source of visitors during the analysis period, posting a 10.6% increase from last year. The number of Chilean travelers to Peru accounts for 29.3% of total foreign arrivals.

The United States was another major generator of tourists — the second most important — from January to August. The number of U.S. visitors to Peru increased to 12,544, up by 3.4% compared to the same period last year. American holidaymakers contributed 16% of total foreign tourist arrivals.

The increased number of Argentinean (11%) and Brazilian (8.4) travelers in Peru over the first months is also remarkable. Argentina is Peru’s fourth issuer of visitors and Brazil ranks sixth.

As for Europe, the strongest growth was recorded by Spain (6.1%), France (7.6%) and Germany (9.5%).


Published: 10/17/2015