Peru: Ex-President Kuczynski testifies before prosecutor

17:59 | Lima, Jan. 18.

Peru's former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Friday testified before Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez, as part of investigations against him in connection with payments corruption-tainted Odebrecht made to Westfield Capital, a company owned by him.

At the end of the testimony, Kuczynski said investigations against him —conducted by the Lava Jato Case Special Prosecution Group— are underway.

"I am calm. I've appeared in court every time I received a subpoena," the ex-Head of State said after he completed his errand.

The former top official is being investigated as part of a probe into Westfield Capital's consulting services provided to the Brazilian construction company when he was a public official.

Homes raided 

On March 24, 2018, the Peruvian Prosecutor's Office raided two homes owned by the ex-President, as part of an investigation over money laundering.

The two homes are located in Lima districts of San Isidro and Cieneguilla.

Travel restrictions 

On the other hand, a Peruvian judge barred the former leader from leaving the country, following a request from the Prosecutor's Office.

The order prohibits Kuczynski from leaving the Inca nation for 18 months while the investigation is ongoing.

President's resignation

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski offered his resignation on March 21 following the release of secret recordings that entangled him in a scandal on the eve of an impeachment vote.

Back then, a group of legislators from opposition parties had filed a presidential impeachment motion —on the grounds of moral incapacity— after he survived a previous impeachment vote back in December.

This new motion was intended to oust Kuczynski for alleged links with Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.


Published: 1/18/2019
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