Peru: Exporters interested in trade agreement with United Arab Emirates

18:00 | Lima, Jan. 28.

Association of Peruvian Exporters (Adex) Chairman Erik Fischer highlighted the potential of Peru's exportable supply in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) —a country of great economic power, which serves as a hub or gateway to the Middle East— noting the interest in a free trade agreement (FTA) between both countries.

In a meeting with UAE Ambassador to Peru Mohamed Alshamsi and the Director of the Association of Peruvian Exporters' Global Business and Economy Research Center (Cien-Adex) Edgar Vasquez, Fischer stressed the importance of strengthening ties through investments and bilateral trade.

"An unresolved issue is the signing of an agreement to avoid double taxation, which will favor firms in both nations and will prevent fiscal evasion," the officer noted.

"Our country has many opportunities. One just has to look at our Amazonia, the largest freshwater reserve in the world. Based on this, we work on the sustainability of forests and water care," Fischer pointed out.

"UAE companies could invest there, conduct research, or prospect business. The Peruvian jungle is a whole world to discover," he added.

In this sense, he said, Adex supports the possibility of talks on a negotiation between the governments of both countries.

"Peru offers a large number of high-quality products, which are highly appreciated worldwide for their high functional value — good for health— and whose demand has increased due to the current situation, such as Andean grains, fruits, vegetables, that is, everything that is considered part of a healthy diet nowadays," the Adex head remarked.

Reliable supplier

For his part, the Cien-Adex director highlighted UAE's great technological development and economic potential in the Middle East, which makes it an important hub, not only for logistics, but also for investments.


Published: 1/28/2021
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