Peru: Expansion works to enhance Jorge Chavez's position as hub airport

LIMA-PERÚ, JULIO 25. Vicepresidente de la República junto con el ministro de Transportes y Comunicaciones asisten a la firma de la adenda para el reinicio de obras del aeropuerto Jorge Chávez.Foto: ANDINA/Luis Iparraguirre

11:58 | Lima, Jul. 26.

The addendum unblocking Lima Airport's expansion works was signed on Tuesday as announced by Transport and Communications Minister Bruno Giuffra.

The document was inked between Peru's Transport and Communications Ministry (MTC) and Lima Airport Partners (LAP).

Before getting started, the project will conduct field studies, prepare required bidding documents and obtain financing for works —set to kick off in December.

"The new Jorge Chavez International Airport will be the largest and most modern of its kind in the region," said MTC head Bruno Giuffra while noting expansion works will strengthen Jorge Chavez's position as hub airport in the region.

According to LAP General Manager Juan Jose Salmon, the new facilities are intended to meet IATA international standards and serve the increasing number of passengers.

"This way, we will provide an entry point into the capital that is as good as top airports around the world," he underscored.

The addendum was inked by Deputy Transport Minister Rafael Guarderas, as well as LAP Administration and Finance Central Manager Pilar Vizcarra, along with LAP Manager Juan Jose Salmon.


Published: 7/26/2017
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