Peru: Devotion to Our Lady of Cocharcas gathers thousands in Huancayo

15:28 | Huancayo (Junin region), Sep. 10.

Thousands of parishioners from all over the country and abroad arrived in Sapallanga district in the province of Huancayo in order to thank Our Lady of Cocharcas for the miracles she has granted, mainly health- and prosperity-related ones.

Last weekend, devotees took part in a procession following a mass at Sapallanga's main temple.

Feligreses de diversas partes del país participaron de procesión de la Virgen de Cocharcas.

Young and old citizens paid tribute to the image as the march made its way through different streets.

The task of transporting the religious icon falls on the shoulders of the Our Lady of Cocharcas Brotherhood.

"We do it for Peru and the world with great devotion," the religious association head Maximiliano Torres expressed.

La Virgen de Cocharcas es la patrona de los pueblos del Valle del Mantaro.

Several dances from different cities in the region reached the Cocharcas Sanctuary's atrium to convey their greeting and manifest their faith in the "Mamacha Cocharcas."

Apu Inca and Chonguinada were the most popular dances during the festivity's main day.

La ancestral danza del Apu Inca se escenifica durante la procesión.

"The devotion to Our Lady of Cocharcas is quite strong, not only in southern Huancayo, but in other places across the country and even abroad," said major prioste Oscar Veliz.


Published: 9/10/2018