Peru: COVID-19 cases rise among teenagers and youth

01:09 | Lima, Aug. 1.

In addition to the increase in the number of children testing positive for COVID-19, cases have also risen among teenagers and youth during the last week of July, according to figures in the Heat Map released by the Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud).

Dante Cersso, head of EsSalud's Intelligence and Data Analysis Unit (UIAD), reported that —in the teenage group— the number of cases increased from 494 to 740 per week, while cases increased from 3,681 to 4,750 among youth in the last week.

Although in recent weeks there has been a sustained increase in new cases at all ages, and most of the confirmed cases involve adults aged 30-59 years, the Heat Map warned of a significant increase in the case of children.

"In the last week, new weekly cases in children rose from 500 to more than 800, a 75% growth compared to the first week of July. This is the greatest increase by age group," Cersso warned.

The expert noted that cases among older adults have also risen.

"In fact, at the beginning of July, 4,575 cases were reported in that week, and today —at the end of the month— cases have increased to 5,429," he stated.

More people take to the streets

It must be noted that after the quarantine was lifted in Lima, vehicular traffic has increased, especially during the weekends. Likewise, family lunches and other gatherings might lead to more cases among children.

In addition to the risk that this disease means for all those infected, children are generally asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, which makes it easier for them to spread the virus to others.


Published: 8/1/2020
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