Peru: Country risk at 112 basis points

09:16 | Lima, Jul. 15.

On July 3-July 10, the country risk indicator —measured by the EMBIG Peru spread— fell from 123 to 112 bps, the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) has informed.

In the same period, the EMBIG Latin America spread increased 3 bps to 512 bps, amid international geopolitical tensions and deterioration in the global outlook growth.

Interbank interest rate

On July 10, the interbank interest rate in Peruvian Soles showed an annual rate of 2.75%, while this rate in U.S. Dollars registered 2.50%.

On the same date, the average 90-day corporate prime rate –the interest rate charged by commercial banks to lower risk businesses– in Peruvian Soles was 3.94%, whereas the prime rate in U.S Dollars recorded 3.01%.


Published: 7/15/2019