Peru: Copper, gold exports volume expanded in Nov 2017

14:14 | Lima, Jan. 15.

Peru's exported copper volume amounted to 235,000 tons last November, an 11.6% increase over the same month in 2016, Central Reserve Bank (BCR) reported.

In the analyzed month, higher shipments of concentrated copper were made by mining companies: Cerro Verde (+5.4%), Las Bambas (+26.2%), Antamina (+43.7%), Antapaccay (+28.3%), and Trafigura (+100.4%).

On the other hand, greater exports of refined copper were registered under Southern Peru Copper Corporation (+208.2%).


Furthermore, the shipped volume of gold reached 523,000 troy ounces in November 2017, an 8.4% rise compared to the same month the previous year. 

In this regard, higher gold shipments by Aruntani (+33.4%), La Areana-Rio Alto (+9.9%), and trading companies (23.2%), among others, were registered.


Published: 1/15/2018
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