Peru considering possible fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose

Photo: ANDINA/Jhonel Rodríguez

Photo: ANDINA/Jhonel Rodríguez

09:25 | Lima, Dec. 21.

Peru's Health Minister Hernando Cevallos has revealed that his sector is considering the administration of a fourth COVID-19 vaccine dose to frontline workers and people above 60.

Cevallos explained that if we follow the logic that the vaccine effectiveness drops after three or four months, it will be necessary to consider a new booster shot in the future.

"It (the fourth dose) has by no means been ruled out. We will continue to review international experience and ours. Yes, indeed, we are considering a possible additional booster shot," he commented.

Omicron prompts changes in immunization schedule

In addition, the health minister underscored that, given the presence of the Omicron variant in Peru, the booster or third dose is key at this moment.

"Omicron compels us to put all our energy into the third dose. This is key, without a doubt, because the new variant has prompted changes in the immunization schedule," he explained.

The Cabinet member recalled that the coronavirus vaccines administered in the world and in Peru prevent severe disease or death from any variant.

However, he said, the efficacy of the Sinopharm and AstraZeneca vaccines in preventing Omicron infection is quite low.

The remarks were captured in an interview the minister gave to RPP radio and TV station on Monday evening.


Published: 12/21/2021
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