Peru: Congress repeals Agrarian Promotion Law

Photo: Congress of the Republic of Peru

Photo: Congress of the Republic of Peru

21:00 | Lima, Dec. 4.

At a Congress plenary session, legislators on Friday evening repealed Law No. 27360, which had approved the agrarian sector promotion regulations.

The national representation proceeded to annul said regulations by approving instead Bill No. 5759 that proposed the corresponding repeal.

The initiative received 114 votes in favor, 2 against, and 7 abstentions.

It should be noted that Urgency Decree No. 043-2019 —which modified Law No. 27360— sought to extend the benefits of this law until December 31, 2031. However, it is no longer in force.

This law was criticized for its chapter on labor and social security to the detriment of agro-export sector workers, which has sparked protests in the northern and southern areas of the country in recent days.

Once the decision is adopted, Parliament must urgently get to work on a new labor regime for this sector, said Congressional Economic Commission Chairman Anthony Novoa.

Among the bills, which were submitted to Congress for debate, is the one issued by the Executive Branch that proposes modifying the agrarian labor regime.

Congressman Novoa indicated that it was necessary to end the abuses against the labor rights of agricultural workers. 

Therefore, the repeal of the aforementioned law constitutes an act of justice, he concluded.


Published: 12/4/2020
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