Peru: Congress rejects bill aimed at bringing elections forward to 2023

Photo: ANDINA/Carla Patiño

Photo: ANDINA/Carla Patiño

18:00 | Lima, Feb. 1.

During a plenary session on Wednesday afternoon, the Congress of the Republic rejected the substitute text proposed by the Constitution Commission to bring the complementary general elections forward to 2023.

Lawmakers cast 54 votes in favor, 68 against, and 2 abstentions.

The corresponding session began this morning to resume the debate on a proposal aimed at materializing the reduction of the presidential and parliamentary mandates, as well as achieving the advancement of general elections to 2023.

This session started with the presence of 125 legislators. It was chaired by Congress Chairman Jose Williams.

Prior to the event, spokespersons for various parliamentary groups had expressed at press conferences and interviews their stance in favor of reaching a consensus.

Constitution Commission Chairman Hernando Guerra-Garcia had submitted the proposal to hold complementary elections, which —if approved— would have been set to be held in December 2023.

If approved, the bill would have allowed new authorities in the Executive and Legislative Branches to take up duties in May 2024.

Earlier today, Congressman Guerra-Garcia said that a consensus had been reached so that the complementary period would take place —only to complete the period until July 2026 and that elections would be held in December 2023.

Given that it was a constitutional reform, the proposal to bring the complementary elections forward to 2023 had required two legislatures with a minimum of 87 votes in favor (in each one) to be passed.


Published: 2/1/2023