Peru: Coca crops eradicated in Uchiza and Tocache

14:47 | Lima, Jan. 9.

Peruvian Interior Ministry's Special Project for Control and Reduction of Illegal Crops in Alto Huallaga (CORAH) intervened the Santa Lucia area (San Martin region) as part of the 2017 Annual Plan for the Reduction of the Illegal Coca Growing Area.

Intervention sessions were conducted on January 5-7 by 1,888 CORAH agents, under the protection of 396 police officers.

CORAH eradicated 81.19 ha and 5.17 ha of illegal coca crops in Uchiza and Tocache, respectively.

Last Saturday, anti-drug agents eradicated 33.82 ha in Santa Lucia, destroying 21 plots of coca plantations and 39 square meters of seedlings. Plus, stings destroyed 52.54 ha, 38 plots of land and 126 square meters of seedlings on Sunday.

In the Ucayali area, CORAH eradicated 19.63 ha of coca crops and destroyed 20 square meters of seedlings on Friday. The next day, agents eradicated 43.27 ha, and other 28.22 ha were destroyed on Sunday.

According to the Interior Ministry, CORAH has eradicated a total of 23,096.08 ha in Ucayali (7,376.91 ha), Tingo Maria (7,933.89 ha), Aguaytia (7,698.92 ha), and Santa Lucia (86.36 ha).

Likewise, agents have destroyed 19,259 square meters of seedlings that were meant to be planted in order to expand coca crops.

As part of the eradication operations, the institution reported the intervention of 79 hidden labs.

For its part, the National Police Anti-Drug Unit razed other 21 major labs located in Irazola, Padre Abab, Aucayacu, Madre de Mia-La Morada, Monzon, Ciudad Constitucion, and Tocache.

Published: 1/9/2018