Peru climbs five spots in mining attractiveness ranking

10:46 | Lima, Mar. 1.

Peru holds the 14th place in the Investment Attractiveness Index of the Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2018 published by the Fraser Institute.

According to the study, the Inca country reached 81.55 points in the index, its highest score in the last five years. 

This figure represents a significant leap, as Peru was ranked 19th with 74.26 points in 2017.

Likewise, the Inca nation holds the 2nd position in the Investment Attractiveness Index in Latin American and the Caribbean, right after Chile. 

Concerning the Best Practices Mineral Potential Index, it ranks 8th (from a total of 83 nations) with 82.81 points. 

Furthermore, Peru improved its score in the Policy Perception Index in 2018. Both its score and rank got better, as it went from 43rd (of 91 countries) to 37th (of 83). 

The Best Practices Mineral Potential Index rates regions based on their geologic attractiveness, while the PPI is a composite index that measures the effects of government policy on attitudes toward exploration investment.


Published: 3/1/2019