Peru: Climate change must be addressed under intercultural approach

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

16:06 | Lima, Oct. 22.

Peruvian Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez on Friday pointed out the importance of working on solving the problem caused by climate change and its impact, taking into account intercultural approaches.

"Let's learn from indigenous and native peoples for this fight. It is essential that we look at how the entire population, under a diversity scope, can work to face and adapt to climate change," she expressed.

Likewise, the Cabinet Chief highlighted the important action of moving towards a socially-inclusive economy —essential for the strategies to face climate change.

The high-ranking official deemed as necessary relying on a real commitment by the State so as to combat the climate crisis. This way, it will be possible to move towards tasks that are suitable in this situation and prioritize them urgently.

"We must seriously think about how we reduce carbon emissions and how we deal with processes such as deforestation, which are contributing to the acceleration of the climate crisis," she noted.

Remarks were made during the inauguration of the third session of the High Level Commission on Climate Change, in her capacity as commission chairwoman.

At the meeting, the advances in Climate Action in Peru were made known.

"This session is of utmost importance for us since we also join as a new Government reaffirming the international commitments we have so as to face climate change, an urgent problem that must be addressed in its real dimension, giving continuity to a plan of organized work from the State," she stated.

Ministers from different sectors, members of the National Assembly of Regional Governments (ANGR) and the Association of Municipalities of Peru (AMPE), among others, participated in the event as well.


Published: 10/22/2021
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