Peru: Chinchero Airport contract is terminated

LIMA,PERÚ-MARZO 09 El ministro de producción Bruno Giuffra Monteverde, anunció hoy el “Plan 150,000” con seis medidas que impulsarán un crecimiento mayor a 4%, que incluye un “boom” social en vivienda y el adelanto social en minería. Foto: ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

13:56 | Lima, Jun. 4.

Peru's Transport and Communications Minister Bruno Giuffra on Sunday announced Cusco-based Chinchero International Airport's concession contract was terminated by mutual consent.

As is known, the agreement was inked by the Peruvian government and concessionaire Kuntur Wasi. 

The official affirmed the contract was terminated after assessing legal and technical aspects in detail. 

"We have seen that this [contract's termination] is the most convenient solution given the circumstances," the official told RPP TV and radio station. 

Likewise, he indicated Peru's current administration (2016-2021) had inherited this agreement, which was badly structured in its original version.

In this sense, Giuffra stressed President Kuczynski's administration is focused on moving the Andean country forward.

Lastly, the minister assured Kuntur Wasi will not participate in the continuation of the said airport-project. 

Chinchero Int'l Airport

Peru's First Vice-President Martin Vizcarra on May 21 announced the Transport and Communications Ministry's decision to render Chinchero's concession contract null and void. 

The resolution owed to the lack of consensus, as well as doubts regarding the contract and addendum.


Published: 6/4/2017
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